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Things you can do on your own


Watchdog the Media

Let's face it, objective "journalism" is a myth. The Media often act as the press organ for the Republicrats. We can't be everywhere and see everything. We need you to let us know when they are ignoring Libertarian candidates, conducting push polls or outright sponsoring candidates.

Speak Up

If you would like to do more than just watchdog the media, you can speak out. 

  1. Comment on Social Media. Most media outlets have a presence on Facebook. Follow them and when you see them publishing "fake news" or lies by omission, call them out! "Like" the comments of others who call them out. It helps more than you might think.
  2. The same goes for talk radio. If the host is going on and on about D&R this and D&R that call in and make your voice heard.
  3. And finally, Letters to the Editor. It might seem old fashioned but this is still effective. Be polite, try to keep it under 250 words and cover Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Ken Krawchuk for Governor palmcards

ken krawchuk for governor 2018 palmcard back (PDF)


ken krawchuk for governor 2018 palmcard front (PDF)


Dale Kerns for US Senate palmcards

Dale Kerns palm card front (png)


Dale Kerns palm card back (png)


Ebert G. "Bill" Beeman for Congress sign

Beeman Campaign sign 1 (JPG)